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Open log file (log4net) with multiline messages
— by Anthony Brenelière Anthony Brenelière

I have to read log4net files that have multi line messages.

Is there a specific pattern for that ? Or an option ?

Here is an example with a log4net pattern %d{HH:mm:ss} %p %logger %t %m:

10:01:26,926 DEBUG erviceM1Intervention 68  {
  "Origine": "TraitementAlarme",
  "TypeFiche": "Intervention",
  "IsInProgress": true,
  "Id": 1240394,
  "Etat": "Close",
  "Operateur": "Abreneli"

The first line matches the pattern but only '{' is added as message. Not following lines.

As the next line does not match the patters, its content should be added to the previous line message.

Is there a way to achieve this with log4view ?

Thank you for support