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V2 Multi-monitor support

Log4View v2 is a great improvement on v1, but it has some problems with multiple monitor configurations.

I use a laptop with a 4K screen and three external 4K monitors, but when I put log4view on any screen except the internal one,  some of the additional controls appear on the wrong screen.

For example, the control panel for aligning fields on the 'message details' view pops up on a different screen to the main application, as does the 'Read Errors' popup.

I have experienced this issue with external monitors connected via HDMI, USB and Thunderbolt adapters.

Also, the help application doesn't render correctly on 4K screens, and I really miss the dark theme!

An option to display message text as formatted JSON would also be nice (although I guess I could write a plug-in for that!)

Keep up the good work!

Nick Harmer