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Adjusting Timezone

Bruno Juchli
Hi There
We're logging on two devices. The first is always logging in universal time, missing any offset info in the output (example 2019-10-26 16:42:04,389).
The other is logging in local time, including offset info (example: 2020-10-12T13:25:23.7633052+02:00).
The timezones sometimes include DST.

The time-format of the first can't be changed. The second can be changed, but we would like to view it in local time (of the place where it was logged, and might have been logged in another timezone as we're viewing it).

When opening the log files, I'd like to have 09:30 in the morning the be shown as 09:30 in both receiver.

Reading Mr. Ulrichs blog post about the matter ( I though there should be a way to achieve this (short of adding a time offset, which doesn't work on days which include a DST change!).

I tried playing around with overriding the timezone setting. But it didn't affect either "Time" nor "Original Time". And the "Local Time" column is missing from log4view

How can I achieve my goal?